• Molly Mail is a web-based email client for POP and IMAP accounts.
  • Even though Molly Mail is easy to use, it is not used as a separate tool due to its lack of encrypted secure email dispatches.
  • SMTP relay service providers have integrated the best features of Molly Mail in their SMTP server facilities for bulk email delivery by email marketing people.


Molly Mail is a web-based email client designed for successful email deliverability from standard SMTP server facilities. This is easy to use but quite powerful for all POP and IMAP accounts, and thus is beneficial to email marketing programs to ensure seamless email delivery. The advantages of Molly Mail are: complete support for all types of POP and IMAP accounts, automatic spam filtering, custom filter provisions, and easy synchronization of Molly Mail with POP accounts. However, Molly Mail does have certain limitations, such as lack of support for secure email, non-provision of tools for HTML formatting for outgoing emails, and slightly inefficient spam filtering options. Still, Molly Mail provides the following features for email SMTP server configurations:

1. Molly Mail allows access to all POP and IMAP accounts through web-based interfaces.
2. Molly Mail searches and selects the best method for connecting the net to your email box.
3. With Molly Mail, you can write fresh messages and email replies with ‘From:’ addresses that can be customized.
4. You can send or retrieve attachments easily and even convert Word files to be displayed as plain text.
5. Flexible filters with automatic sorting and real-time lists of black holes for efficient spam filtering.
6. Molly Mail could be accessed from all WAP-enabled portable devices such as cell phones, iPads, laptops, and netbooks.
7. Molly Mail has been used in a variety of financial and transactional web applications such as this online forex platform and online currently exchange.

However, the lack of support for signed emails and secure encrypted email messages are the major drawbacks of Molly Mail. As such, Molly Mail is not directly usedat the present time . SMTP relay service providers, such as SMTP.com, had integrated the major features of Molly Mail in their bulk email dispatch programs to help Internet marketers send hundreds of thousands or millions of emails every month while reducing the risks of spam labeling or blacklisting. The services offered by such professional SMTP providers are highly cost-effective, and the monthly fees quite nominal when considering the facility to send millions of emails safely and securely every month. Internet marketers would be better off using the services of SMTP relay service providers such as SMTP.com.